The Legacy Of Abraham Lincoln

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May the life lived and the lessons taught by Abraham Lincoln teach us in makeing the world more prosperous. Abraham Lincoln has always been role model for me. It was a great experience to discover him and his life. This research paper was completed with support and help of my professor Christopher Schroeder. I also like to appreciate the academic institutes like Harper College and Rochester Institute of Technology which proved to be very resourceful. I would like to thank my parents and sister and my aunt for supporting me and in making this research paper near perfect in terms of content. Thank you.

The history and the rise of a nation is lead by many powerful and larger than life leaders. Its a process which ensures the growth of a nation and this process consists of decades of work and determination by all its citizens. In the time being there are born, many great leaders who guided by their wisdom ride alone on an untravelled path with a strong vision. Perhaps these great leaders decide the future of the nation. United States of America is one such country which has grown and prospered solely by the immortal perseverance and a strong vision and mission. The name of the country did not exist in a common men’s vocabulary five hundred years ago neither did anybody knew about this paradise that would be known as the land of opportunity. The growth was implemented by many great leaders. The history of America saw many great leaders. Thomas
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