The Legacy Of Abraham Lincoln

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Many argue that there was no other president that took office in more difficult times that Abraham Lincoln did. The day he was elected president a large part of the South had decided to secede as soon as they found out he has become president. To top it off, he lacked support from the North as well. Making his presidency difficult since the beginning.
Abraham Lincoln, also known as Abe or Lincoln was born on February 12, 1809 in Sinking Spring Farm in Hardin County, Kentucky. Lincoln 's father, Thomas chose Abraham to be his name after his father, who migrated from Norfolk, England to Hingham, Massachusetts, in 1638. His parents, Thomas Nancy Hanks decided to get married June 12, 1806. They had a total of three children, Sarah, Abraham and Thomas, making Abe their middle child. Out of their three children, Thomas their youngest one died in infancy.His first time moving was to a farm in Knob Creek. At a very young age, Abraham was put to work and was raised at the rules his father set. Although he was always put to work you could tell he had no desire to do so. Abraham didnt want to be like his father, which he only had so little educatuion, and could barely knwo how to write his name.At the age of six Abraham begins to learn his letters thanks to a slave -owning Catholoic church which he would have to walk two miles each time he chose to attend.Thanks to his determination he soon begins to learn to write his name and later on count. His desire to better himself was due to

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