The Legacy Of Abraham Lincoln

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Abraham Lincoln was born in the year 1809 on February 12th in the town of Hardin County, Kentucky to Thomas and Nancy Lincoln. Growing up Lincoln had no proper education, consequently he read books and educated himself. During Lincoln’s young adult years, he worked a various number of jobs as a shopkeeper, surveyor, and a postmaster. In 1832, Lincoln became a captain of the Hawk War against the Native Americans. Shortly after the war was over, he began his political career and was elected to the Illinois state legislature in 1834. It was also around this time that Lincoln decided to practice law and was admitted to the state bar in 1837. During his law practicing years, he met his future wife Mary Todd ( Editors).
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In his work, he states that slavery is an offense to the Almighty and as punishment, God “scourged war” on both the north and south. Despite the north and south’s differences, Lincoln reminded the American people that they both “read the same bible” and “prayed to the same God.”
While Abraham Lincoln’s work impacted culture the most, there was one individual that was impacted by his address. His name is Frederick Douglass, an African-American who was an abolitionist and writer. Douglass attended Lincoln’s second inaugural address and later that evening, he attended the inaugural festivities. Douglass later wrote about his experience at the Inaugural Ball when President Lincoln recognized him and called upon him, saying, “Here comes my friend Douglass.” Lincoln was happy to see him and asked Douglas what he thought of his speech as Lincoln said to him, “There is no man in the country whose opinion I value more than yours. I want to know what you think of it?” Douglas replied, “Mr. Lincoln, that was a sacred effort” (Editors pg.639).
Abraham Lincoln on inauguration day of his second presidency, delivered his inaugural address to the nation as the result of his election win for the presidency in November of 1860. This event, in and of itself influenced the writing of his work as it is customary for elected presidents on inauguration day to address the nation. Prior to this election, Lincoln was

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