The Legacy Of Abraham Lincoln Essay

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Abraham Lincoln is a name most commonly associated with our country’s Civil War and the abolition of slavery. When one thinks of this name, one usually envision’s his tall, slender physique and that iconic tall black hat. His face can usually be seen with a look of concern and depth in his eyes. This man faced not only guiding his country through a state of grave danger, but also terrible tragedies that would destabilize his personal life. Lincoln would come to lose two of his children (the third died after Lincoln’s assassination), doubt his wife’s sanity, and lose his own life. Yet in spite of these personal struggles, Lincoln immersed himself in his work, and shattered expectations to go down in history as one of America’s greatest presidents.
Lincoln, born in Kentucky, was mostly self-educated. Even at a young age, Lincoln was no stranger to devastation. His mother, Nancy Lincoln, died of milk poisoning when Lincoln was only 9 years old. This left his sister, Sarah, aged 11, to look after the family. Lincoln’s father remarried eventually, and Abraham took to his stepmother kindly. His sister Sarah died during childbirth in 1828, and greatly affected him. Some believe that this is when his depression first began to surface. He became engaged to Mary Todd in 1840. After Lincoln broke off the engagement for unknown reasons, the two rekindled their relationship and married in 1842. Robert Todd Lincoln was then born in 1843, Edward Baker Lincoln (called

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