The Legacy Of Abraham Lincoln

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Why is Abraham Lincoln such an amazing person? Who is he? What did he do to change America for the better? Almost everyone should know about Lincoln. Lincoln was not the man everyone thought was fit for the job, they all thought he was less than what he was. Lincoln showed them that he is one of the best presidents America has had. There is a chance America could still have slavery in the country if Lincoln did not step in and start to end slavery. Lincoln was a big part of this countries history. So what did he do in his life that was so great?
Abraham Lincoln was not a popular guy at all. No one new about him until the presidential election. Lincoln was a man that was just smarter, or more wise than the rest of the people. He
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While Lincoln served as president he accomplished many great things. He had his goals set, and he was going to achieve those goals whether it meant all of America turning on him, or not because that is what he believed was right for this country, and what he set his goal to be was very helpful to the country and the country would not be where it is today if he had not changed some things in the countries way of life. Lincoln was a president in progress, but he was assassinate, and that Lincoln that was assassinate was not the Lincoln everyone thought he was at the first of the election. Even after his election there where moments when the people question if they had elected the right man to be president. He showed the people that he does have what it takes after the election, and his assassination was a tragedy to the people and to the rest of the country. No one in this country would, and no one should, deny that he was the greatest president. (“A+E Networks”)
Lasting Experiences Emancipation Proclamation. The Emancipation Proclamation is one that Lincoln is well known for. This did not end slavery, even though many people think it did. The war was still going when it first was established in January 1, 1863. The Emancipation Proclamation allowed slaves the right to join the Army, or the Navy in the Union. This overall, was one of Lincoln’s greatest accomplishments. The blacks where happy that they could finally serve their country, and nearly 200,00
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