The Legacy Of Africa Is A Patriarchal Continent

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Africa is a patriarchal continent as such it was a big surprise when a women was elected president of its country, her name is Ellen Johnson Sirleaf; she was born on October 29, 1938, in Monrovia, which is the capital of Liberia. She was the daughter of a lawyer and a teacher. She is the president of Liberia, a small West African nation founded by freed American slaves in the nineteenth century. Sirleaf took office in 2006 as the first democratically elected female president in Africa even though she enjoyed considerable goodwill at home and abroad, Sirleaf faced an array of immense problems, the legacy of a devastating civil war (1989-2003) that left 250,000 Liberian,nearly a ten percent of the population, dead and the country 's roads and power plants in shambles. Sirleaf got married in 1955 while she was still a teenager to James Sirleaf; they had four children before they divorced. After her divorce, she graduated from the College of West Africa in Monrovia, and she received a bachelor 's degree in accounting from the Madison Business College in Madison, Wisconsin, in addition to a degree in economics from the University of Colorado at Boulder and Master of Public Administration degree from university of Harvard Sirleaf made regular trips to her hometown in liberia while she was completing her education in the united states; in 1965 she began working for the liberian government as a financial specialist, and by 1979 she had risen to become Minister of Finance in
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