The Legacy Of Alexander The Great

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Alexander the Great Prior to approximately 350 B.C., Greece was a fragmented country with individual tribes separated from each other due to the mountainous terrain and geographical obstacles. Not only were they isolated physically, each individual polis remained focused on its own needs and interests.(Hemingway) Philip II, a Macedonian king, wished that all of Greece could act as one and be united under the same rule. In the Battle of Chaeronea, the son of Philip II, Alexander, claimed victory for his father. During this key battle, Alexander demonstrated a remarkable act of bravery when he led the cavalry. After conquering the rest of Greece, and attempting to further his territory into Persia, Alexander’s father was murdered. When Alexander took over his father’s reign, unbeknownst to the world at that time, he would change the course of history. Alexander was the greatest leader the ancient world had ever produced because of his upbringing, the vast areas he conquered, and the way he implemented the spread of Greek culture and traditions. Alexander the Great became the most accomplished leader of his time due in part to his childhood and upbringing. Training and instruction were a major role of Alexander’s daily life in helping develop him into the great leader and warrior that he was. Aristotle, a philosopher known for his wisdom, became Alexander’s tutor and mentor in various disciplines. From him, Alexander learned literature, philosophy, and mathematics.
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