The Legacy Of Alexander The Great

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Sparse historical figures stand out like the man Alexander the Great. He became a warrior by the age of sixteen and was a king at twenty. He did things during his existence that others could only envisage about. Alexander was a man who was both wrathful and compassionate depending on the day. He single-handedly transformed the tide of the world in a little over a decade, and inadvertently may have shaped how the entire world has grown. I believe he perfectly exemplifies the qualities of a person whose leadership and legacy has had great effect. Alexander the Great was born in June in 356 BCE in the ancient capital of Macedon known as Pella. He was the first son of Philip II, the King of Macedon and Olympia, the Princess of Epirus. Alexander gained his father’s astonishing organization skills and his mother’s vehement disposition. When Alexander was young his mother told him that Achilles was related to him and also his father was a descendant of Hercules ; hence influencing him to memorize the Iliad and always have it at his side. Alexander exhibited marks of valor and potency at an incredibly early age. His mother and father saw the aptitude for their son to be a great leader, and therefore hired Aristotle as his private instructor. Aristotle and Alexander studied together at Mieza, a temple near his palace. Alexander ascertained philosophy, political knowledge, and ethical values at the hands of Aristotle. Alexander thought of Aristotle as a father figure, and it can
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