The Legacy Of Alexandre Cesar Leopold

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Alexandre Cesar Leopold was born on October 25th, 1838 in Paris, France. Alexandre was baptized on March 16th,1840 and given the name Georges. His father was Adolphe Bizet, a hairdresser/wigmaker turned singing teacher with no familial background in the art of music. However, his mother was Aimee Delsarte, an accomplished pianist from a musically prominent family. Aimee’s brother, Francois was well-known singer and teacher who performed in many royal courts. Not only that, but Francois’s wife, Rosine, was a child prodigy and became an assistant professor at the Conservatoire de Paris at the age of 13. Georges Bizet did not have any siblings that spurred him along the road to success, but instead, the absence of siblings gave him the attention from his mother to begin practicing the piano. Through his practice, he seemed to learn both the basics of musical notation and how to read music quickly. After learning all of this, his parents believed he could make a career out of music, which led to his early acceptance into the Conservatoire de Paris at age nine. The minimum age to be accepted into the Conservatoire at that time was ten years of age. This proved Georges’ skill and determination at such a young age (Curtiss 3-14).
His classes at the Conservatoire involved lessons in fugue, counterpoint, piano, and organ. His teachers were Pierre Zimmermann (later replaced by Fromental Halevy due to Zimmermann’s death), Antoine Francois Marmontel, Francois Benoist, and sometimes

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