The Legacy Of Brazilian History

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Gertulio Vargas is a very, very important figure in Latin history. He was a manipulating man of many faces who succeeded in gaining not one of two but nine positions of power in Brazilian history. He was state legislator, federal Congressman, Cabinet minister and Governor. He also held the positions of interim president, (revolutionary) chief of state and Senator. Least but not forgotten he was a dictator through and through! This man who became president in Brazil, drew comparisons to America’s Franklin D. Roosevelt in the way that he helped modern his country and was constantly in the media’s eye. In Vargas’ case, he exited office very differently than Roosevelt. Also Vargas’ legacy left a lot let to be desired if the way that he…show more content…
Another idea: to improve industrial development and maximize profit and progress. Third: he helped put into place social programs that immensely aided the lower classes at one point but not permanent. Vargas a man who often seen as “bland” and not at all flashy did not work for himself, or as he told and was depicted by many. He was a master manipulator: he was called “Father of the Poor” but in reality he was “Mother of the Rich” for he was never too extreme in seeking out the best conditions for the lower classes. In fact, he stopped just short of losing his elite voters and citizens. This translated to demanding and implanting better working conditions for factory workers but not enforcing them time after time further out into more rural areas. Vargas was a family man and expressed much sympathy for the less fortunate who were his countrymen and women yet he was calculating to a degree in how to keep their reverence of him. Vargas assumed and stayed in power thanks to several items: the first being mostly unwavering trust in him by the masses. Secondly, he was a multitasker of positons and he had a plethora of ideas to introduce to bill making process. He knew his way around Congress, and most, if not all venues of political life which is more than likely why he was so successful at it. Lastly a country in constant need of leadership and guidance into the next era where new technologies and new ideas were being introduced into the world was prey to
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