The Legacy Of Catherine Of Aragon

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Though she lived a short life, Catherine of Aragon left a footprint that impacted the world for a long time. Catherine of Aragon not only caused an immediate change in the mindset of Europe, she also left a long term change in the mindset of the world. Without her, the English Reformation may not have occurred, and the feminist movement would have been delayed. She showed the world how to persevere through hard times and was a role model of excellence.
Catherine of Aragon was the youngest child of the monarchs of Spain – King Ferdinand and Queen Isabella – and was born in 1485. She was educated in several languages, law, bible, history, and genealogy. She also developed a strong religious identity. To expand Spain’s power, King Ferdinand and Queen Isabella had Catherine marry Prince Arthur of England, son of Henry VII, making her Princess of Whales. Five months later, Prince Arthur died, leaving Catherine a widow. However, when Henry VII died and his son, Henry VIII, took the throne, Catherine married the new king of England and became the Queen of England. The people of England gladly accepted their new queen. Unfortunately, Catherine’s inability to produce a son made Henry VIII frustrated, and he secretly married Anne Boleyn. The Archbishop of Canterbury declared Catherine and Henry VIII’s marriage invalid, and Catherine was refused permission to see her only child, Mary.
She lived a short, tragic life, but Catherine of Aragon impacted the world nonetheless. She
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