The Legacy Of Christopher Columbus

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Millions of people in the US have mixed historical and traditional interpretation about the legacy of Christopher Columbus. The history of the famous explorer has been rewritten many times. He was one of the first of many Europeans to land in the New World. He is an Italian explorer whose discovery of the New World— Caribbean– with his crewmen marked the beginning of decades of colonization and trans-Atlantic invasion on the American soil. Columbus sighted the New World, as he intended to sail west hoping to reach Asia through a water path from Europe in August 3, 1492 . He wanted to find a quicker direction to reach the countries in the East that provided the gold desired in Europe, due to the difficult route from Europe to Asia by land. Today, his legacy has sparked controversies among people. In the United States, the second Monday of October is dedicated to him. To some, Columbus Day is a great day, but others find the day offensive. His supporters remember him as a heroic explorer who transformed the New World to what it is today— America— and that we must respect his accomplishment; however his critics focus on the devastating actions by him and the Spanish towards the Indian population they conquered. I personally go in favor of his critics because one cannot celebrate an evil sailor. Christopher Columbus should be remembered in history for his exploration of what the New World is now, however his day should be criticized for his severe actions towards the Native
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