The Legacy Of Clinton Foundation

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The Clintons The Clintons family that comprises of Bill Clinton, Hilary Clinton, and Chelsea Clinton has been involved in all sorts of controversies that in most cases are not questioned by the state. This makes them special in their work which they hold in the public positions. Efforts to have them charged have proved futile making this family a sacred cow. Clinton foundation was founded in 1997 and was known as William j Clinton foundation but from 2013 to 2015 it changed to Bill, Hillary, & Chelsea Clinton foundation. It was formed under section 501 c 3 of the US tax code as a nonprofit corporation. The former president bill Clinton established this foundation. The aim of this foundation is to “strengthen the capacity of people in the…show more content…
Clintons have also made millions of dollars for giving speeches since bill left the Whitehouse in 2001 up to present. This includes bill Clinton, Hillary Clinton, and Chelsea Clinton. This has raised a lot of questions from the public who ask how they came up with charging fees, what their speeches composed of, how much of that went to the charitable organization and private use. However nothing much has been done to answer these questions that the public is so much in need of. This shows that this family rides on their own without being questioned by the state. The state seems to tolerate their moves without considering the harm that this family could be causing, messing up with the public funds. Tony Proscio a researcher at Duke University says that Hilary being the state secretary bothers him more than anything because there is a conflict of interest arising from this foundation. This made the foundation sign a memorandum of understanding with president Barrack Obama in December 2008. Hilary also pledged to distance herself from the foundation matters as the secretary of the state by signing an ethics agreement with the state. Previously Clinton had been meeting with foundation donors. The foundation staff would also inquire about donor opportunities from Clinton 's staff. This portrays that there was something fishy going on with
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