The Legacy Of Columbus, Ohio

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Columbus, Ohio is a well-known capital city often frequented by eager tourist or rival spectators who become entranced in the overwhelming atmosphere often associated with the Ohio State Buckeyes; the 2015 nationally undisputed college football champions. Also, Columbus is home to the other easily recognized sports teams, restaurants, and other points of interest, such as: the Columbus Blue Jackets, Franklin Park Conservatory, and Thurman’s Grill just to name a few. Naturally, Columbus, Ohio would appear to be a desired utopia to visit, if not build a life filled with children and white picket fences. However, every beautiful rose has the thorn in the stem. Unfortunately, the image of a prosperous and safe community is being destroyed by the out-of-control gang violence that has claimed countless lives across the city. Gang violence in Columbus, Ohio has shattered the hearts of an incalculable amount of mothers around the city; as well as crippled the dreams of living a flourishing life for many inner city youth. The bloodshed between rival gangs has reached a degree of severity that action must be taken. In order to reduce and eliminate the gang infestation, it is imperative that the city of Columbus develop and utilize an anti-gang intervention program. First and foremost, the importance to delve into the real-life tragedies that have caused horrific pain and anguish throughout the beautiful city is an understatement. For years Columbus, Ohio has been home to
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