The Legacy Of East Hill

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Community Windshield Paper
I. Community Core
The history of East Hill is authentic old established homes and businesses throughout the narrow, shaded, quiet streets. One of the main historical landmarks is a build called Sacred Heart Hospital, which is now known as the ‘Old Sacred Heart’, “Pensacola Hospital, now known as the historic Sacred Heart Hospital, opened in September 1915 as the first and oldest Catholic hospital in Florida. The Daughters of Charity, a religious order dating back to 1633 also dedicated to care for the poor and the sick, invested over $400,000.00 into building and opening this facility. The Daughters community was started originally in France by St. Vincent de Paul and St. Louise de Marillac” (National register). On early mornings people walk/run with their dogs, walk children to school, and sit outside on their porches to have their morning coffee with the birds chirping. When I approached an elderly woman, who looked as though she was lost and wandering, I asked her if she lived in the area and she replied ‘yes’. This woman was named Emma Hall, I went on asking her many other questions due to her willingness and engagement in conversation, it seemed as though she enjoyed the surprising conversation that offset her normal morning routine. She said that she has been living in East Hill for over 50 years and not a lot of structural or environmental changes took place within that time. “They built a baseball field and added a few new businesses like…

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