The Legacy Of Franklin Delano Roosevelt

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“Three Presidents dominate American history: George Washington, who founded the country; Abraham Lincoln, who preserved it; Franklin Delano Roosevelt, who rescued it from economic collapse and led it to victory in the greatest war of all time.”(Smith XI). Franklin Delano Roosevelt was the only President to serve four terms and had two great, important crisis in his presidency. He truly was a great leader, because he gave the people a sense of security during an era of distress. Although winning victory in the greatest war the world has ever known dominates Franklin Delano Roosevelt’s legacy, his saving the American economy from collapse and his early life are enormous aspects of his life. Hyde Park, New York was where Franklin Delano Roosevelt’s life started. Franklin’s birthday was January 30, 1882. He weighed ten pounds at birth, and his parents were Sarah and James Roosevelt. Sarah was twenty-six years younger than James (Freidel 6). There was a two year disagreement over what his name would be. James’s regard for Roosevelt tradition did not stand a chance against Sarah’s determination. They were going to name Franklin Warren Delano Roosevelt after Sarah’s father; however, the recent death of Warren Delano Roosevelt, IV, made it untimely. They named him after Sarah’s favorite uncle. Franklin was a happy baby making lots of noise and he was always on a very strict schedule (Smith 16-20, Alter 16): Sarah was determined to raise Franklin as a Delano-which
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