The Legacy Of Henry Ford

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Henry Ford was instrumental in revolutionizing modern day America with his innovations in the manufacturing industry. His modernistic ideas that led to the creation of the Model T and assembly line were never heard of before. Ford’s development dramatically decreased assembly time of the Model T from twelve hours to less than six hours. His Model T was the first to be within economic reach of the everyday man. However, Ford didn’t always see himself as an inventor, or even an innovator. He spent many of his younger years working as a machinist. It wasn’t until 1882 when Ford got a job at the Westinghouse Company of Schenectady where he repaired road engines that he saw himself enjoying the idea of being a creator. Henry Ford was born on a prosperous farm in Dearborn, Michigan on July 30th, 1863. Ford was the oldest of six siblings. His family was neither rich nor poor, but somewhere in the middle. The house he grew up in is still standing today and he owns it along with the farm. Ford’s major education influence as well as his moral influence was his mother. While he was growing up, he constantly pondered how much work there was to do on a farm and that surely there had to be an easier, quicker way to get it all done. Ford attended school until he was 15 when he started to discover his fascination with machinery. He often tinkered with things to figure out how they worked. Ford put it this way: “every fragment of machinery was a treasure.” Ford says his mother always

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