The Legacy Of Jack Roosevelt Robinson

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In the year of 1919 January the 31st a man was born who would later change history in America. Using his athletic prowess in sports to challenge the societal norms and make way for other forward thinking people as himself. This man’s name was Jack Roosevelt Robinson born in Cairo, Georgia the youngest of five siblings. His parents came from humble backgrounds, Sharecroppers being the only black family on the block. Being raised by a single mother of five Jackie encountered a lot of prejudice which only made his family bond strengthen which he would need for what was to come later in his historic life. Jackie’s family moved to California when he was a small child. Growing up in poverty in a well off neighborhood of Pasadena led him to join a small gang which a close friend of his encouraged him to leave. It was only then in high school did he realize his athletic ability which would destiny him for greatness. At John Muir High School which he attended with his older brother a great athlete in his own way who had already won a silver medal at the 1936 Summer Olympics encouraged him to take up sports. Jackie would go on to play a number of Varsity level sports which saw him lettered in the four major ones Football, basketball, track and baseball. Little did he know he would be changing the face of baseball America’s favorite pastime in years to come.
Pasadena Junior College was where Jackie continued to hone his craft and athletic abilities winning many honors such as the…
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