The Legacy Of John Carter, And Nathanial Rochester ( Thomas, 10-17 )

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James Cutler, and Nathanial Rochester (Thomas, 10-17). The many people that are brought into Mt. Hope’s grounds all bring their own unique memory to a place where it can be properly honored and cherished as equals. Another way Douglass is honored is by marking all of his points of occupancy as almost hollowed ground, by putting up plaques to mark their significance. The first notable plaque resides at the now office building on Main Street. In Douglass’s time he transformed the building into the center for his newspaper. He was the editor of the paper The North Star from 1847 until 1863 ("Frederick Douglass Newspaper Office"). In the building’s heyday it was used as a stopping point along the Underground Railroad. When Douglass left the…show more content…
His name carries the weight of thousands of individual’s message, even to this day, to gain equal rights for African American citizens. And Rochester has taken it upon themselves to label him as their own, seen through a mass number of sites they have set aside to carry his name. This idea of ownership and an overall message for Douglass brings up a lot of concerns, and therefore a lot of ways one can hope to improve the situation.
This overall message showing Douglass as the human embodiment of freedom can easily be translated over into Rochester’s message. By taking great ownership of the Douglass name, and using it to put up many monuments in his honor, the city hopes to bring forth this idea that they greatly support racial equality. In a time where racial tensions are still extremely high, this message is vitally important. It can be used as a cloak to hide behind when the public is unsatisfied with how the city is handling race issues. By using Douglass as their mascot they seem to think they can do no wrong in this department, as long as they acknowledge the themes he stood for, and now represents. It is thought that a city named after a Maryland slave owner ("Frederick Douglass Newspaper Office"), Nathaniel Rochester, could greatly benefit in this day in age by updating their image to show support for Frederick Douglass’s ideals. There is a major problem that comes with this idea of using Frederick Douglass as a

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