The Legacy Of John D. Rockefeller Essay

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John Davison Rockefeller One of the most influential men in shaping America, one of the most brilliant men to walk this Earth, one of the most resilient and cut-throat entrepreneurs of time is John D. Rockefeller. There are a few things that make this man have a few of these qualities. The biggest and most important reasons is he is one of the very few men who literally made America and its reality what it is today. There are lots of men who made big moves to push America in this direction, but Rockefeller’s actions were so big that it made him the richest man in America. Well what did Rockefeller do that was so iconic? He discovered oil. Not only did he discover the biggest oil source in the world, the Standard Oil Company, but he also used his wealth to fund other philanthropic causes. Early Life John D. Rockefeller was born July 8, 1839 in New York. He was a married man with a total of 5 kids with one of them dying at birth. His wife 's name was Laura S. Rockefeller and he married her in 1864. He always had a business mindset and he never strayed from hard work, he actually thrived on it. Even at a young age he started working harder than anyone in the room. This along with his natural talent for the business world made him a top competitor in any job he was willing to take on. Before Rockefeller had even had a job before he had walked around to local businesses and tried showing his potential and tried landing a job. He was turned down time after time but this did not
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