The Legacy Of John F. Kennedy

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John Fitzgerald Kennedy was the youngest president of the United States of America in history. He also the second son of Joseph and Rose Kennedy. He was American politician who served the U.S as a president from Jan 1961 until he was murdered in Dallas, Texas Nov 1963. When he was child John F. Kennedy had everything that a child could dream of, because his father was a billionaire. However JFK studied and graduated from Harvard in 1940. Three years later he volunteered in the U.S military. After the war was end Kennedy joined the politics as a democracy. Then he was elected in the House of Representative, and he served as a congress man for six years. It follows that he faced the republican Richard Nixon and he won the election that day with a small amount of votes. As a result of that he was the first American catholic president. He took the charges in the era of the civil rights movement. It was the most important problem for him to solve. His goal was to remind the American citizen of the fathers’ constitution witch basically says “freedom country and equal rights.” President JFK was one of the greatest leaders in the civil rights movement, because of his alliance with Martin Luther King Jr to solve the American problem, his courage decisions to protect this country, discovering the space and developing the country, and his strategies’ to avoid segregation and racism JFK alliance with Martin Luther King Jr. According to Gerier “The National Civil Rights Museum in Memphis

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