The Legacy Of John F. Kennedy

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John F. Kennedy did a lot for our country although his presidential term was cut short. He had a certain allure to him that Americans liked. Kennedy knew what to do to gain the votes of all different types of voters no matter their age, race, or religion. His campaign and presidency have inspired even today’s presidents and presidential candidates in multiple ways. John F. Kennedy was a spectacular man and president that brought a fresh feel to America and who left a legacy that will never be forgotten. Kennedy came from a line of businessmen and politicians, so it only fit that he would follow. His father, Joseph Sr. Kennedy, had very high expectations for his family of 7 children. John was not always the best student in school, but he was clever and enjoyed history and English. He entered into Harvard University in 1936 and played football. Kennedy’s father was appointed United States Ambassador to England in 1937, and because of this, John became very interested in politics and world affairs.1 After graduating from Harvard, JFK entered the military and became a Lieutenant. He even received a Navy and Marine Corps Medal for his leadership and courage. He then decided to become a politician, and he served 3 terms in the House of Representatives then was elected to the U.S. senate in 1952. Kennedy became quite popular as a politician, so it was no surprise when he was nearly picked to run for Vice President in the 1956 election. Therefore, he decided to run for president in

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