The Legacy Of John F. Kennedy

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The Vice President of United State in 1963, Lyndon Baines Johnson, political speech “Let Us Continue” he gave horrific news stating that the President of the United State of America which was John F. Kennedy has been assassinated. Lyndon’s purpose of the speech was comfort America after the death of John F. Kennedy and also to insure America that with this horrific tragedy that America has to go through he will continue the act of the forward thrust of America that John F. Kennedy had begun to do while he was in was the President. Also Johnson ensures America that John F. Kennedy will live on with us. John Fitzgerald Kennedy was the youngest president he served the United States as the thirty-fifth president. Kennedy had graduated from Harvard in 1940. He served in the Navy were he had received injuries due to getting attacked by the Japanese. After he finished his term in the Navy he then went on to compete to become the President of the United States. Kennedy was running against Richard Nixon. This was the first televised election. Kennedy beat Nixon buy just a few votes. While John was in office he really focused on equal rights and fought to pass the Civil Rights Bill (John F. Kennedy (n.d.). Lyndon B. Johnson had given the “Let Us Continue” speech on November 27th, 1963 only five days after the assassination of John F. Kennedy has taken place. Johnson’s speech was televised for the whole country to see. John F. Kennedy was in Texas riding in an open convertible on

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