The Legacy Of John F. Kennedy

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John Fitzgerald Kennedy made history as America’s youngest and first Catholic President. JFK, or “Jack” Kennedy, was born into a wealthy family, who were considered American royalty. Jack Kennedy was only our President for a few short years, but the stories of his assassination and his legacy live on today. President Kennedy was easily one of America’s most famous leaders of all time.
John F. Kennedy was born in Brookline, Massachusetts, on May 29, 1917. Jack was the second of nine children born into the one of the richest families in America, the son of Joseph and Rose Kennedy. In spite of being born into privilege, Jack was sickly most of his life. He was a victim of many childhood diseases, including whooping cough, measles, chicken pox, and scarlet fever. The family joke was that if Jack got bit by a mosquito, the mosquito would die from his bad blood.
Jack lived in Brookline for 10 years and went to the Dexter School until fourth grade. The Kennedy family then moved to the Bronx, New York, where Jack attended Riverdale Country School, a private all-boys school. Jack and Joe Jr. both attended the Choate school in Connecticut for high school. While Joe Jr. was known for his strong academic and football skills, Jack was known for his troublemaking. Jack and his friends started the Muckers club at Choate, a club that pulled pranks on others. After high school, Jack applied to Harvard in 1946. Jack 's application was accepted mainly because of his family connections.Jack…

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