The Legacy Of John Towner Williams ' The Star Wars Saga '

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John Towner Williams is considered one of the most successful composers in the last century. He has scored many popular movies and has many other notable works. Involved in major works including Jaws, ET, Indiana Jones, the Harry Potter Series, and his critically acclaimed work in the Star Wars saga, Williams is undoubtedly one of the best in the business. Williams holds a commanding position over many of his colleagues, and fellow composers to this day. Williams has won five Academy Awards, four Golden Globe Awards, seven British Academy Awards, and twenty-two Grammys. Boasting a dominant fifty Academy Award nominations, and following only Walt Disney, John Williams is the second most-nominated individual. Since the beginning of the film…show more content…
Once finished with his service, Williams moved back to the Empire State to study at the most prestigious music school in the world, The Juilliard School. Williams spent his time gigging around New York and studying profusely. Working under Rosina Lhevinne, Russian pianist and composer, Williams became more in touch with Tchaikovsky, Rhim, Wagner, and branched into neo-romanticism. By becoming more familiar with these composers, Williams grasped a better concept of leitmotif by which helped him to pursue a career in film scoring.
Williams moved back to Los Angeles and began working immediately. He composed, scored, and was featured performing in several films throughout the seventies. This granted him a plethora of experience and recognition. It wasn 't until 1974 that he was asked by director Steven Spielberg to write the score for his debut film, Sugarland Express. This was only the beginning of their partnership, and would work on several films through out the seventies this including Jaws, and Close Encounters of the Third Kind.
Steven Spielberg recommended Williams to an ambitious George Lucas who needed a score for his one of a kind, Star Wars. This was the beginning of the rest of Williams career, as Star Wars broke multiple box office records, and won several academy awards, including best musical score. “Luke 's Theme” is easily one of the most recognizable motifs in
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