The Legacy Of Kevin Plank Essay

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Kevin Plank is the founder, CEO and Chairman of Under Armour, a sports performance, footwear and accessories company based out of Baltimore, Maryland. Plank grew up in Kensington, Maryland just outside of Washington D.C. He was a very athletic young man but wasn’t always the best in the classroom. As a sophomore in high school, Plank got kicked out of his private school for poor grades. He transferred schools then spent a year at a military academy, playing football in hopes of obtaining a college scholarship. After receiving no offers, he decided to attend the University of Maryland. He attended the football tryout and made the team as a walk – on. (Link, 2015). Throughout his career he was known as one of the hardest working and most determined players on the team, later becoming the special-teams captain. An honor he took pride in. These characteristics show how he displayed trait leadership early on in his personal life, and is one of the main reasons for his success in his business life. Trait leadership is one of the oldest and most recognizable types of leadership. It is defined as certain innate personality traits that one is born with which makes that more likely to display leadership qualities in their daily lives. These traits include sociability, intelligence, self-confidence, determination, and integrity. Plank uses these traits everyday to help him conduct business and build his brand. His strength in being sociable has led him to be able to efficiently

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