The Legacy Of Martin Luther

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Martin Luther was a big deal in history. He had a big part in the reformation. Priests would take your money by telling you that you could get rid of your sin if you paid them. Martin knew that it was all a scam. He started going up against the priests, and telling the people that it was a scam. You could ask for forgiveness from God on your own for free. He fought for what he believed, and he made a good impact in history. Luther was a born in a peasant family. His father worked hard to keep food on the table, and keep his family happy. Martin was born on November 10, 1483 in Saxony, Germany. He died on February 18, 1546 in Saxony Germany. He was a German reformer, which is a person who works to change old practices, and beliefs. He became a lawyer to increase his family’s success. Martin got a bachelor of arts degree in 1502, and a matter of arts in 1505. In the same year he enrolled into the instructors of law, giving martin a great look as to being a successful, and smart man. Martin changed from being a lawyer to getting into religion when a bad thunderstorm happened. He screamed out to the mother of virgin mary pleading for her to save him. Martin promised her that he would become a monk if she saved his life, and she saved his life. He had troubles becoming a monk, because he was letting down his parents, but he kept his promise to God. His counselor told him he should get a stronger connection between himself, and God. Later on he started to lecture and write in
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