The Legacy Of Penn State

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For over thirty years Gerald “Jerry” Sandusky abused the trust of the residents of Happy Valley, Pennsylvania. For over thirty years Jerry Sandusky robbed, traumatized, and manipulated over half a dozen innocent boys. And in those thirty years numerous individuals knew and remained silence, and watched Jerry violate these children. Jerry used his organization, second mile, as a shield to lure in his victims, showered them with gifts, attention and special trips to Penn State esteemed football facility. On those trips, numerous times concluded with inappropriate molestation and even penetration. Protected by the fame and success of Penn State’s football team Sandusky’s crime were thrown under the rug for decades. Numerous officials discrediting victims and witnesses and the school handing out settlements like candy to keep it out of the media. Just in 2013 Penn State paid 26 Sandusky victims a $60 million settlement. With the shield of the football program, coaches, school administrators and local law enforcement Sandusky was able to continue his grotesque deeds. Until the two year grand jury investigation which concluded with the indictment on 52 charges of child molestation in 2011 that led to the arrest of Sandusky. Sandusky charges were eventually dropped to 48 and cover a period of 15 years from 1994 to 2009. Although there were earlier incidents that were discredited and due to statute of limitations, Sandusky eluded those charges. According to a NY Times article

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