The Legacy Of President Reagan

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One of the best presidents in the U.S. was Ronald Reagan. He was characterized by the love he showed to the country, many even considered him a hero. Reagan prove the American population what a true president is and what to expect of a president. Furthermore, he had a great communication with individuals and just by saying one word he could persuade the whole nation. When Reagan became president he was sure on the things that had to be done for the country. He compromise on the cut of taxes, curb government spending, and balance federal budget or at least reduce the deficit (Cannon, 2015). These goals would forever determine his administration. When Reagan came to power he was confronting a serious economic crisis and he knew that the…show more content…
He knew that the cut of taxes would create an increase in supply and demand. This bill was mostly beneficial to the supply side of the economy. Many businessmen were able to invest in the country due to the tax reduction the country was facing. For instance, the economy of the U.S. would shift up and become the world potential power. When a big nation such as U.S. has an increase in supply, countries with a lower GDP want these kind of nations to help in the increase of their economy. When you start trade with these countries it can be beneficial to the growth of the country. Some of the things such as vegetables can be cheaper in another country and therefore can be traded to the U.S. The Reagan years brought annual real GDP growth of 3.5% to 4.9% after the recession (Smith, 2014). Another important achievement in Reagan’s administration was the Water Quality Control Act. Reagan thought that the lakes had too much wastes and were polluted it was the government responsibility to clean the lakes. For Regan it was important to clean American waters because it was beneficial to each individual. The cleaning of American water was one of the highest goals Reagan wanted to achieve. This showed the humanitarian part the president had. In the days they were living not everyone thought it was important to take care of the lakes. Reagan not only showed a noble character but he also demonstrated what he was willing of
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