The Legacy Of Rhode Island

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Vincent “Buddy” Cianci was born April thirtieth, 1941 . His career was fraught with conspiracy and crime, but he is still considered to be one of the most beloved political figures in Providence, Rhode Island’s colorful history. He earned his first term as mayor at age thirty-three, in 1975. He would serve six terms as mayor over the course of three decades. Buddy died just last year, January twenty-eighth, 2016 after losing a battle with cancer. The city and surrounding towns mourned together at the loss of an incredibly controversial, but deeply loved political leader. His six terms made him one of the longest running mayors in United States history. Cianci’s loved Providence so deeply that in trying to help, he shaved away at his honest…show more content…
Providence was no longer the bustling hub that it used to be. The city never really recovered, it now houses many of the lower middle class and minority communities. This type of implosions is sometimes referred to as white flight, the white middle and upper class fled the city leaving the lower classes to live in dissolving, disheveled neighborhoods . The Italian neighborhood, Federal Hill, fell under the control of organized crime during this weakened economic window, this would remain a prominent authority in Providence until the late 1990s. Today the tendrils of mobster influence still can be seen but in a lesser degree than in the 1970s. Politically, Providence was always a bit corrupted. It ran on a patronage system where a person would scavenge and promote democratic voting and in return, the democrats would give the person who gathered the votes a government job . This continued well into the twentieth century despite the Pendleton Act of 1883 which stated that government jobs should be awarded based on the potential employee’s merit rather than their political affiliations or connection . The politics were not clean, it was run by the Democratic machine which kept the city spiraling down by putting the same ineffective politicians in charge. Launching of Cianci’s Career: Cianci began his career as a prosecutor

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