The Legacy Of Richard Nixon

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Richard Nixon, though created a large credibility gap within the US, he accomplished a lot for the country. He served five years in the presidential office as a republican (1969-1974), and he was the only president to resign from office in history. Although through his presidency he had accomplished many things, such as creating revenue sharing, ending the draft, and creating anticrime laws, he still had a rough time rebuilding his reputation after many assumptions of corruption in his office. Though he never admittedly pledged guilty to his crimes of taking government funds for his own personal gain, there was proof that he was. After the Watergate scandal, the American people set their mind to believe what the proof led to, so Nixon’s…show more content…
He began his comparison of himself to governor Sparkman by explaining that an easy way to be successful in politics is to have a wife that also receives a government income, like most politicians carry, which Nixon was proud not to have, while Sparkman did. Sparkman isn’t the only one he compared himself to, he also compared himself to Governor Stevenson by saying that he had earned his political placement by merit, while Stevenson inherited a fortune, which played a major role in getting him his spot in the office. He even claimed that if the two men didn’t prove that they weren’t guilty of fraud, then they had something worth hiding. However, not only did Nixon juxtapose himself with these men, he also juxtaposed Dwight Eisenhower with Governor Stevenson. Richard Nixon was in favor of Eisenhower, so in his speech, Nixon claimed that Eisenhower a better insight and more wisdom than Governor Stevenson, which ultimately made him seem like a better man (during his thought process), which made it seem like he would be the better presidential choice. When comparing Eisenhower to Stevenson, Nixon claimed that Eisenhower would lead America better than Stevenson would, and he compared the two by saying that Eisenhower owes nothing to
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