The Legacy Of Richard Nixon

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Richard Nixon, though created a large credibility gap within the US, he accomplished a lot for the country. He served five years in the presidential office as a republican (1969-1974), and he was the only president to resign from office in history. Although through his presidency he had accomplished many things, such as creating revenue sharing, ending the draft, and creating anticrime laws, he still had a rough time rebuilding his reputation after many assumptions of corruption in his office. Though he never admittedly pledged guilty to his crimes of taking government funds for his own personal gain, there was proof that he was. After the Watergate scandal, the American people set their mind to believe what the proof led to, so Nixon’s popularity went downhill after the event. Once confronted about several of his actions he denied all accusations and in his speech, “Checkers”, he used juxtaposition, logos, and repetition to convey his message to the American people that he was innocent. When thinking about making two different choices, the most common thing to do is to judge and think about which choice to take. This helps the person to create a feeling of like or dislike toward one choice, and the opposite toward the other. In his speech, Nixon was defending his honesty and credibility, by attempting to persuade the people that he was innocent. He did this by juxtaposing himself to other political leaders in general, and, Governors Sparkman, and Stevenson. Nixon began…

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