The Legacy Of Ronald Reagan

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Ronald Reagan
California proved divided on state political issues in 1964. The state needed a Republican candidate with an inspirational personality that could humanize conservatism within the state. Ronald Reagan fit the criteria (DeGroot, 1997). Reagan a former actor, and president of the Screen Actors Guild was not a politician by Washington standards. However, Reagan had been on the campaign trail with Barry Goldwater, delivering inspirational speeches at various campaign stops. Reagans speeches captivated the audience, speaking in terms the audience understood, exuding a sincerity on the issues he spoke of. Visual aides, like the television are a wonderful tool, and Reagan used this to his advantage. The television, gave Reagan
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The most distinguishing factor about Ronald Reagan, he was a conservative with a charming personality, who spoke passionately against communism, Americas economy, and making America great again. Reagan had a way of speaking to colleagues that made them feel as if he belonged with them, understood them. His calm demeanor exuded an aura that commanded respect, showed his strength and compassion to do what was right. Reagan brought renewed hope not only to Americans, but to the world over.
Reagan’s Economic Policy
Ronald Reagan’s message and vision for the future of America was clear. Cut taxes and make Americas economy great again. Increases in unemployment, taxes, and inflation during Jimmy Carters presidency, would require immediate action. President Reagans stance on the economy attributed to him winning the election. Enthusiastically, Reagan immediately began working on the economy by reducing government spending, controlling money to curb inflation, and economic deregulation (Fox, 2008). Through Reagans policies, the United States began to emerge from the stronghold of the 1970’s. Taking the direction towards economic freedom. Reagan fought and won the battle to the White House. Energetic, humorous, witty, but above all intellectual. It was his intellect that appealed to the American electorates. Reagan spoke to them about his vision for the United States, how he would accomplish tasks before him. He believed
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