The Legacy Of Stephen F. Austin

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When President of Mexico, Antonio Lopez Santa Anna, abolished the Constitution of 1824 and turned the government towards centralism; Texians and Tejanos rebel to bring back the Constitution of 1824. However, before they can begin their fight to Goliad and San Antonio, the men need a leader; someone with great fame and popularity in Texas. The man they choose is Stephen F. Austin, who has much renown in the region. Austin has an outstanding knowledge in many areas, whom the people of Texas will always follow. They are always willing to listen to his advice on certain situations and topics. Austin’s history is what makes him the great man that people still believe and love. Today, he is seen as the Father of Texas because his work and dedication lead to its future growth. Stephen Austin was born on the Third of November in the year of 1793 at Austinville, Virginia. His family was one that made their wealth through the booming industry of lead mining. When he became fourteen years old, Austin went to study at Transylvania University in Kentucky; after two and a half years of study, he would never finish as his father needed his assistance to run his store. Also, this experience in running a store would provide Stephen F. Austin with “the excellent business habits and knowledge of human nature,” which would be useful for his future career as well as the title as the Father of Texas (Father of Texas, 14). His experience from this métier would be necessary for the formation of
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