The Legacy Of The 1980 ' S

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The 1980’s marked a period of great strength and ideology for the modern Republican Party and Conservative movement still revered in the 21st century. This period is marked by a man that represented and embodied the goals of their party, Ronal Reagan, who was elected to the office of President of the United States of America in 1981. His economic policies, communications strategies, and personality are traits that conservatives strive to emulate looking to him as the model Republican. In a time were communism was America’s greatest threat, Ronal Reagan found himself moving from the Democratic Party to more conservative ideology because of his disdain for communists in the liberal ranks and Democrats wasteful government spending coupled…show more content…
Conservatives’ fear of Big Government put Ronald Reagan in a good spot based on his ideology “that all the nation’s problems stem from the belief that Federal Government can fix all problems,” (102) and that we “asked [working people] to carry the additional burden of a segment of society capable of caring for itself,” (116). These fell well in line with the deeply conservative standpoint against social welfare. Reagan also appealed to the more morally conservatives by his own moral and religious standpoints (121). As a support of small government, this resounded very well within the conservative moment. It was observed that, “The success of Reagan’s campaign signaled a transformation of American political landscape. He had managed to create a fusion,” (117). Ronald Reagan’s time as president is still viewed by republicans as a huge success. Bill Keller said “Reagan asked Americans to dream great dreams… he rarely asked them to give up anything,” (148). One such instance of his presidential ambition was his first priority that “When he took office he immediately put on a hiring freeze and deferred all matters on policy to the OPM for benefit analysis,” (152). He captured America’s approval through his bold actions; one such situation was the PATCO (Professional Air Traffic Controllers Organization) strike were the Air traffic controllers went
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