The Legacy Of The American Civil War

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There are many topics such as slavery had been considered to be the root of the War Between the States. All of these subjects are actually just facets of one and that is culture. The idea that the American Civil War was the result of divergent and clashing northern and southern cultures is one that is valid, sound, and supported. Culture affects how people perceive themselves, others, and the world. Of the many aspects of American culture there are a few that stand out for being the most divisive: slavery, ethnicity, social class, and labor. These four issues, how they interacted, evolved, and how the North and South viewed them are what laid the foundation of the road to war and beyond. However before addressing the beyond the paper will address viewpoint of Dixie.
The South: The first region’s perception that will be discussed is the South. The Southern United States was for the most part agrarian, rural, slave-owning, and aristocratic
Slavery: The first issue nay the primary issue of the antebellum South was slavery. It formed the central pillar of Southern society. It was a status symbol, a sign of class, wealth, privilege. Slavery was a facet of Southern life. The Southern claim history to be on their side and they are not incorrect. For most of human history the ownership of the humans as property was legal and considered the natural course of things. Of course there were major variances between. American slavery was based on race. The difference between The Roman

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