The Legacy Of The American History Essay

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Our History has been riddled with violent occurrences that are often doctored to appear to be symbolic or significant rather than observed as the bloody atrocities they are. I’ve often wondered what sort of moral transformation have we had to go through to even get to where we are today; Which Unfortunately- Isn’t too far from where we were. Frankly we didn’t have such a great start considering the first man we praise for “Discovering” America was a violent man whom believed in white supremacy. That man is none other than good old Christopher Columbus. image Columbus conducted his genocide way before 1866 so we will leave that maniac be for now, however; He was the first in a long line of white men that would devastate tribes of this land. We would continue to drive them from their lands for the territory, gold, and glory. We scorched their lands, destroyed the buffalo, The animal in which the plains Indians hunted and utilized for food as well as many other necessary uses. By 1893 The number of buffalo in the plains decreased from an approximated 300 Million to a measly 400 by 1893. image While we continue to terrorize the indigenous people of this land our reign of terror only continues against people on the still coming into the land. The original pilgrims that made their way to the U.S they came seeking religious freedom and for the opportunity for a new start. The immigrants that began to pour into the country in the late 1800’s came for the very same opportunities
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