The Legacy Of The Civil War

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The Civil War left the entire nation in disarray. Over six hundred thousand soldiers were dead, reconstruction was to be started, and the nation was further divided. During this time, Abraham Lincoln was the President of the United States and he was going to make the Union whole once again. His plans were cut short however, by the tragic and sudden assassination at Ford’s Theatre in 1865. Abraham Lincoln was the most influential leader in United States history; his death impacted millions of people and brought about a terrifying end to the Civil War. April 9, 1865 marks the official date of the Civil War’s end. Although some believe that the war actually ended later on in 1865, due to the fact that there was still some fighting going on. Even though some believe the date should be pushed back, April 9 was a very historic day in our nation’s history. Appomattox Court House was the site of Robert E. Lee’s surrender to Ulysses S. Grant. This one final battle brought about an end to one of the most gruesome and extraneous battles in United States history. The end of the war was far from a happy ending. People all around the nation had to try and recover from the intense warfare that desolated their land. Abraham Lincoln, the president at the time, realized that something had to be done to rebuild the nation and make the Union stable once again. Lincoln was unable to follow through with this rebuild effort, for he was killed only five days after the surrender of Lee’s army. The…

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