The Legacy Of The Civil War

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A country once polarized upon different beliefs, ideals, and values resulted in one of the most pivotal events of our country’s character that did more than just unify a nation. At the expense of 620,000 men, two opposing sides shed their blood, sweat, and tears fighting for a cause that pushed them to sacrifice their lives and their homes on the frontlines. The North’s desire for unification and the South’s urge to preserve its institution eventually brought our country into a period of bloodshed. The obvious answer is that the war brought along freedom of around four million people in which altered the lives of Americans, however there is a great deal more to be said about the legacy of the Civil War. Even now, the war creates a lasting shadow that continues to impact America. The war transformed the political, social, and economic scene, and led to advancements in technology and health-care that created a huge mile stone for the future. Within such a short time period, our nation became larger, more active, and more assertive globally. Although its legacy has left an impression on our improvements today, the memory of the war still maintains its influence on the hearts and minds of the South. As many continue to reminisce the war’s detrimental impact, personal tie, and lost cause, the iconic battles of 1861 to 1865 remain mentally and politically potent forces in the lives of Southerners through its sustained relevance and the unrelenting Confederate mindset

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