The Legacy Of The Ford Automobile Company

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The FORD AUTOMOBILE COMPANY soon became a great employer of many folks. This helped in mitigating the problem of unemployment which was then rampant in this era of the post-depression the US nation. Henry Ford was greatly liked by his employees as they were not being rushed but they worked solely under continual motivation from their employer. The model A cars were strong, high off the ground and involved simple mechanics, this also made the a favorite for many as compared to other sophisticated models of those days. In 1907, Henry Ford and his company would make a debut out of their sales. They manufactured the model Theory took it to the British Isles, drove it to the top of Ben Nevis which was very steep and a high hill.
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What an achievement!!This success was a defining moment of the economic and social structure of the US. Henry Ford made a decision that would then shock the whole world, he raised his employee’s wages from $2.34 to $ 5.This also saw the decrement of working hours from the then daily 9 hours to 8 hours. He also decreased the working days from 6 days to 5 days. (James n.d.)This principles were unheard of and made Ford’s employees the best paid industrial workers in the whole world. It is said that everyday, queues outside the company would stretch for miles, these were people seeking jobs at the firm. One belated Ford’s employee wrote a poem: (. n.d.)
”Nothing but good clothes to wear
Sorry are we for the poor devils who cannot our good luck share! ”
This was a perfect emblem of how the FORD’s company success was increasingly becoming a successful part of man’s daily life. As the pays went up, families became families again. Those were the days when people, including worked. Parents cherished work more than taking their kids to school. Other members of the family resigned to take care of the home based chores and this made life better for all.
The Fordism Production system which utilized the Assembly Line production was marked by four major stages. Stage one comprised of Division of Labour which involved different works being carried out by different people, the unskilled workers

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