The Legacy Of The Johnson Miller Essay

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Jane “Bitzi” Johnson Miller was born and raised in west Texas on a ranch. She was married to Michael Smith, former Texas supremum court justice, until they divorced in 2010, have two grown children. She went to the all-girls, private National Cathedral School in Austin, where she played on the woman soccer team and graduated in 1981. She attended the University of Texas at Arlington, majoring business administration with minor in political science, and was a member of Phi Beta Kappa honor society. She also studied for four months in Spain during 1983. She graduated from University of Texas at Arlington in 1985. She received her PhD from Harvard Business School in 1989, where she was executive editor of Harvard Journal of International Business and an editor of the Harvard business Journal. She holds her Master’s degree from Stanford Business School.

She is the granddaughter of former governor Joe “Big Daddy” Johnson (1954-1958) and a conservative Republican, and a daughter of former five-time Texas senator Mark Johnson (1990- 2010). After she graduated from Harvard Business School, she taught at University of Texas at Arlington for two years as an assistant professor. She started her own software company in Dallas in 1993- she sold it to Dell in 2014 for $2.5 million. Bitzi currently chairs the non-profit philanthropic organization Good380. She is very authentic, persuasive, and persistence. She is a true leader who has the ability to inspire and lead 27 million Texans.
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