The Legacy Of The Lauren Rogers Museum

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The Lauren Rogers Museum is located in Laurel, Mississippi and was built in 1923. One unique characteristic about this museum is that has the Georgian Revival Style, which means if you were to cut the museum down the middle in equal halves each side would be identical. While touring the Lauren Rodgers Museum there were two separate collections that caught my eye. These collections consisted of the American and European collection. The American collection focuses primarily on portraiture. In the American Collection I chose a painting by Jean MacLane called The Chintz Chair. MacLane was born on September 14, 1878 and died on January 23, 1964 in New Canaan, Connecticut. One of MacLane’s first studies was at an Art Institute in Chicago with John Vanderpoel. “ MacLane and her husband, artist John C. Johansen (1876-1964) help found the National Foundation of Portrait Painters in 1912” (Jean 2015). The year of 1912 was considered to be MacLane’s biggest year because she was recognized for many different awards. MacLane depicted the Allied Leaders from W.W.I., provided the only female subject, Queen Elisabeth of Belgian, and also became an associate member of the National Academy of Design. The main items that MacLane incorporates into her portraits are women and their children. “In 1931, she was elected to the American Academy of Arts and Letter” (Jean 2015). The picture that I chose from the American Collection by Jean McLane demonstrates a mother sitting in a chair

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