The Legacy Of The Lincoln Electric Company

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The Lincoln electric company founded by John C. Lincoln is known as the world’s largest manufacturer of welding machinery and electrodes. The Lincoln electric company, is one of the influential and leading manufacturers of welding machines and electrodes as compared to other companies located around the globe that are known for the manufacturing of welding machines and electrodes. This company has several outlets in different countries that also engage in the same production of the electrodes and the machinery. The Golden rule of the company is that "The actual is limited, the possible is Immense, stating the positive impact the company have before, in and after production with the immense collaboration between the top management and their subordinates. The incentive management plan of the company is one of the important aspects in the management of a company in general. It will be noted that an organization’s culture may be one of its strongest assets or its biggest liability. A well-structured incentive management plan for a company can indirectly increase production. Even as a disorganized incentive management plans of an organization may also affect production negatively. In the Lincoln electric company incentive management plans is an outcome oriented culture, since its stated in their case study that if you can produce more you will be paid more, disregarding the amount of years you have spent in the company. Lincoln electric company reward
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