The Legacy Of The Lincoln Electrical Company

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The Lincoln Electrical Company is situated near Cleveland in U.S.A. and it is considered to be one of the oldest companies as it was founded in 1895. It started out making electric motors and then expanded its products to welding machines and welding rods or electrodes.

Lincoln has grown in size due to its management style such as how its leadership has been structured and company ethos never being compromised. The founder James F Lincoln and his family members that followed after him, have always tried to maintain the morale and productivity of the company through innovative leadership and organisational skills.

The company has hardly changed its recipe for success and has tried to maintain its status quo on how it keeps a positive working environment. By maintaining the positive work environment it is able to add to its product line without a high risk of productivity, as the employees’ attitudes play a major part in the success of product induction and productivity success. By analysing the sales figures, given in millions, from 1974 to 1989 we can see a growth of $349 million ,this provides for a sales growth of 150%. This increase in sales has helped keep the company’s debt low, while only providing for its current debt.

The founding member of the organisation strayed from the norm of common business practises by introducing a bonus and benefits system for the staff members. As this system was new to the business world and that is favoured the employees, it was
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