The Legacy Of The Magna Carta

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The Magna Carta was a document created by the people in England who were struggling due to all the taxation demanded by the king. The poor, the clergy, and noble men united and forced King John to sign this constitution which gave the people certain rights, and privileges, which in turn limited the king 's power. This constitution would later on be considered the base for a new form of government in the new world. The Magna Carta emphasized a limit on the government’s power and gave the people more liberty and rights. This document prevented the king from taxing the people as often as he pleased, and required him to get a consent before doing so. It also made the law applicable to everyone including the king, and took away the king 's power to be the judge on any trials.
From the 13th to early 17th century, the English had established a form of government that combined the power of the people to that of the monarch. However, by early 17th century, after the death of queen Elizabeth I, a new scottish king was appointed to rule over England. King Charles believed in absolutism, and the Divine Right of Kings, a belief that kings and queens were chosen to rule by god, and were meant to control the people, and the people were meant to obey and serve the appointed ruler. By mid 17th century, however, after King charles dismisses the constitution of the people, decreasing rapidly in popularity, and attempts to force catholic religion on the English, many people start to flee
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