The Legacy Of The Magna Carta

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The Magna Carta Democracy in the world today was influenced by events that took place many years ago when Aristotle was still alive. Those events that took place in the thirteenth century created the form of democracy that countries still use today (Synan). The Magna Carta was a document that was originally created by rebel barons in England which served as the country’s constitution, putting an end to the power of their monarch, King John. The infrastructure of the Magna Carta was replicated in many constitutions for the next eight hundred years, including the US Constitution (Synan). A group of English rebels coordinated with one another to create a document restraining King John’s power and each rebel signed it. In fear of full-blown…show more content…
The Magna Carta was created by English citizens that disliked the authority that their higher power, King John had over them. In protest, they decided to congregate with one another to make a hand written document stating that the English church be free, and that the rights of the church will not be restrained in any manner, that freedom will not be tampered with, and that regular people will elect the members of the church to their liking (Magna Carta or Great Charter). This part of the Magna Carta is just the introduction that leads into other rights that the English barons wanted. Even though this is just the introduction to the Magna Carta, the forefathers of America instilled these same ideas into the preamble of the US Constitution. The Preamble of the Constitution starts off with “We the people of the Unites States” which means that regular people in the United States have come together to change the ways of their countries. The preamble also states that the people of the United States have come together to “Secure the blessings of liberty,” meaning that freedom will not be secured among all (The Constitution of the United States). The English baron were average people in the vicinity of England, just like the average Americans ore forefathers who wanted freedom from British rule. The English wanted freedom from their monarchy and also wanted freedom for their church. Not only that, but they also wanted to vote for the
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