The Legacy Of The United States

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Democracy is the feat on which the united states prides itself. This democracy was built over the ages and over many events through trial and error. By analyzing the history of the Monroe Doctrine, the two elections in which Andrew Jackson was voted a president, the theory of John C. Calhoun, and the Cherokee Nation vs Jackson trail we can arrive at the strengths and shortcomings of the American democracy in the period between 1820 and 1836.
After the revolutionary war and the war of 1812 the United States had to enforce their independence and establish themselves as a political entity. This declaration of their political influence came in the form of the Monroe doctrine. A document that was written by President Monroe. The doctrine had three main purposes, to stop further colonization of the Americas, to warn against European interference in the United States’ internal affairs and condemn it a threat to their peace, and to declare that the states will not intervene in the matters of any of the already existing European colonies or any of their internal affairs. This would establish the United States as a united nation, giving them more room to practice their democracy without any influence from European countries that practice a monarchy based political system. The only problem with the document is that it is not an agreement and the United States didn’t have the power to enforce it yet, it merely symbolized the intentions of the states to join the great powers.
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