The Legacy Of The Vietnam War

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As a society, we are gradually losing faith in our political system. We live in a country casted by a shadowed of dark cloud, clouds of lie and arrogance. The Vietnam War, a war in which we are set up to believe is a war against communist, a war in which the United States felt they could have won, yet didn 't. We brainwash our children to believe that the Indians and the pilgrims enjoyed a festive celebration yet we don 't acknowledge that we wiped out almost their entire population and take over their land. The foundation of our political system is based on sovereignty and equality where every votes count yet we all know that the country wealthiest corporations and non-profit organizations influence the political system. Their money and domination control who is elected into office thus making the rest of the country unwilling to cast their vote. Under the constitution, we are programmed to trust and believe in our political system, that all man are created equal, yet history have proven endless counts of racism and hatred in our country. since the assembling of our Constitution, we have not strive far from the inequality and control that we have set out to change. The United State is still trapped in the past. As Americans, we like to believe that we are better than the rest of the world in that we have the freedom of right granted to us by the Constitution. We have the privilege to vote and elect the candidate of choice through free election. We have the privilege to

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