The Legacy Of The Vietnam War

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He was one of the most famous American religious leaders of the 1970s. He was that weird little boy who grew obsessed with death and religion. To many of his followers he was the much desired hope they needed in an era of despair. To people now, simply a narcissist. His name, Jim Jones. The 1970s a decade filled with bellbottoms, big hair, and the continuation of the ever so famous lifestyle of sex, drugs, and rock and roll. A period portrayed by today’s media as very vintage cool and an overall great time to be a teen. Although that might be the case, because let’s be honest who wouldn’t have wanted to rock those amazingly distinguishing patterned button ups from the 70s, it was also and more importantly an extremely difficult time for the United States of America. First of all the Vietnam War was taking place during this time. It was a war that took place during the years that followed World War 2. These years were characteristic of the cold war era where political and military tension was still at an all time high between the United States of America and its NATO allies and the eastern allies of the Soviet Union. Therefore when war broke out between North Vietnam and South Vietnam the United States with its very anticommunist sentiment saw it as an inevitable necessity to support South Vietnam. They believed it was their duty to prevent South Vietnam’s communist takeover, and to some extent prevent a wider global spread of communism. Obviously any war during any

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