The Legacy Of Veteran Suicide

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Veteran Suicide Twenty-two United States Veterans commit suicide every day, giving approximately one thousand seven hundred and eighty Veterans deaths due to suicide for the year of 2016 to date (“Operation Never Forgotten”). Veteran suicide is an ongoing problem because veterans enter the civilian world directly after receiving discharge from the armed forces and struggle with post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), depression, and acute stress, and anxiety (“Veterans ' Services”). Veteran suicides have become a large concern for members of the United States Armed Forces, Operation Never Forgotten (ONF) is an organization that is helping veterans find purpose and a reason to live, by working with the U.S. Congress, they could pass a law…show more content…
However, war does seem to be the major problem with veteran suicide, which is where PTSD comes from. To elaborate, men and woman go to war zones, such as Afghanistan, Iraq, or Pakistan, and fight with the Middle Eastern cultures. While doing so, these men and woman tend to fight for, not only Americas freedom, but also their lives and the lives around them. Therefore, on many occasions, these men and woman are forced to kill anyone that shows threat to America’s military members. Also, when in a firefight, those men and woman have to attempt to save the lives of the people around them from gunshot wounds, IED wounds, and many other attack defenses from the enemy of war. Therefore, war is the cause of PTSD, which seems to be the number one cause of veteran suicide. Process for Implementing the Proposal The Veteran Affairs (VA) department needs to attend to the culture of clinical diagnosis (Satel). In order for the VA to be able to focus on the clinical diagnostics of PTSD. The VA will need an increase in funds, as well as other organizations like Operation Never Forgotten to help veterans with their emotional and mental disorders. In order to do so, there would need to be a bill passed through U.S. Congress and eventually signed by the United States President to become a law or budget change for such organizations. The bill would potentially state the importance of why the budget needs to be increased
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