The Legacy Of World War I

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World War I the first of its kind would mark an entire generation; could what today is known as the lost generation have been avoidable or was President Woodrow Wilson just prolonging the inevitable by his neutrality. The following will guide you through a brief outline of the WWI and how one man 's justifications sent an entire nation to war.

Woodrow Wilson, a man with questionable motives when speaking in terms of neutrality during World War I. Was Wilson’s neutrality an attempt to spare the us from the woes of war or was he reaping the benefits that came with a neutral title. The question may arise, what possible benefits could a war have, it is rather simple, if you are not one of the parties involved, and you do not put all your eggs in one basket, if all the conditions above line up then you can make a quick buck.

During WWI he United States profited from selling military essentials to both sides, Wilson’s neutrality stance became a great business opportunity for many manufactures. Industrial workers saw a high rise in demands and more job opportunities for every man woman and child. WWI soon became profitable for the American economy and essentially ensuring that the rich manufactures would get richer.But alas do not fear because American Businessmen also took in on the action much like one may place bets on a boxing match they bought war bonds from Britain and Germany securing a great payday given that they invested in the right one. no reasonable person or
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